Shine and media: Jason’s not quite right–but he is right

Jason Calcanis has a post today about how the launch of Shine suggests that Yahoo is not taking care of its media partners. Jason’s point is that it’s crazy for the Yahoo Developer Network to solicit the business of media partners to deliver services (and sell ads) at the same time Yahoo is launching a site that is going to seek advertising from the same sources (like consumer packaged goods companies).
He writes: “Maybe this is Yahoo’s plan to save itself? Maybe if the launch media properties and kill off search and the adnetwork they can convince folks they are Newscorp 2.0?”
Couple of responses here–Jason is right in that there is double dipping going on here–Yahoo wants to sell services to the people they are also competing with for ad dollars, but that’s nothing new. And not unique to Yahoo–MSN has been selling ads for partners–and filling with similar ads–for a while, for example.
What is more relevant in Jason’s comments. IMHO, is the question of how aligned the senior teams at Yahoo are. One wonder to what extent the Developer Network execs, for example, actually talked to the Media Group exec about how these strategies fit together.
Will Shine succeed? Only time will tell.
Will publishers get pissed off? I doubt it.
Does Jason have a point? Well, yeah, but….not enough to keep anyone up at night.

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  1. Yakov says:

    Susan, don’t you think that it’s time to look for alternatives?

  2. susan mernit says:

    Yes, Yakov, I agree, this is an old school story at a new school time.

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