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Mike’s got some sharp words for WePlay, the kids sports network community play that just raised some new funding. He says that kids aren’t actually going to want to be on pages their parents control, pointing out “…Ah, but kiddies are going to want to social network on a site that their parents are using to manage the team, and not MySpace, Facebook, ClubPenguin, Habbo Hotel, EA-Land, Bebo, Friendster….”
Thing is, being a local athlete is alot like using a dating site or a job site–people add a unique identity on a site like this because it allows them to focus on an aspect of their persona specific to that thing–the teen self on MySpace and the up and coming athlete on WePlay are two very different aspects of the same person.
In addition, when founder Steve Hansen says ““Two hundred forty million people in America are one degree of separation from youth sports. Youth sports is held together by e-mails, phone calls and clip boards,” he is right. As a former local & community news person, I’ve seen this same truth.

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  1. Mike Tan says:

    Hi Susan,
    I just check out your post about WePlay.com. I just wanted to get your feedback on our site, http://www.teampages.com, which is similar to WePlay.com, but is more focused on helping coaches put up their schedules and communicate with parents and athletes. I’d love to hear what you think and any suggestions on how we can improve our site.

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