Back from Israel, but still posting about it

I’m back home; it’s a nice day in the Bay area, and my body thinks it’s evening tho my brain says midday. This of course will lead to the inevitable crashing out that jet lag often delivers.
Meanwhile, fellow Merry Travelling Geeks Crankster JD Lasica has published the very cool survey of the even cooler tools that the Bay area blogging crew on the israeli-based travelling geeks bus (and it was a very intimate bus) would confess to using.

People, that means you are about to hear what useful toys and shiny web implements Robert Scoble, Sarah Lacy, Craig Newmark and the rest of us fire up every day. Here are some highlights from the list.

  • All 8 use Firefox, Facebook and Twitter.
  • 5 use Friedfeed daily, 6 use flickr daily, and half said they used Gmail daily.
  • Blogging software has the greatest fragmentation: some folks use multiple platforms, principally Typepad(5), Moveable Type (3), Word press (1, with one planning to switch.)

Most obscure (and retro) tools?
SSH (secure shell)  & Pine (email client). Who? Uh, Craig.