Ian Rogers leaving Yahoo for start up and other changes

Just saw the news that Ian Rogers is leaving Yahoo! for a music start up and that Karin Gilford will be taking over his responsibilities.
What’s interesting to me here is the following:
a) So many great people are leaving Yahoo! and heading to start ups; Yahoo’s clearly an entrepenurial starting point at some level.
b) There seems to be a movement toward promoting people who have been there for a long time; according to her LinkedIn resume, Karin G’s been at Yahoo, in one role or another, since 2000, the year she graduated from college.
Valleywag’s Scott Moore memo (unverified) says that Amy Iorio and Shine will report to Karin, and that Kids, Food and Astrology, which Amy formerly oversaw, will go to Karen as well, whiile Health goes to Michael Yang (at Y! since 2005 and a great guy, we worked together at a past co.) New acquisition Al Warms gets Tech and Education; I know Amy had Tech for a while.
Tea leaves reading on this one: None of these sites are meeting managements’ expectations; shuffling to continue. I feel for everyone working their booties off at Big Purple, know your managers have a plan to turn the company around.