Jajah does Yahoo! deal, congrats everyone

Mashable has a post tonight that Jajah has done a deal with Yahoo! to be the first client to use their Managed Services suite (based on a story by Alec Saunders, here). I’ve been a fan of this company since I first talked to them in late 2006, and it’s good to see they finally have the Yahoo! deal they’ve been dancing around for a while. As Alex says : “JAJAH’s network
now spans over 200 points of presence all knit together by a global
VoIP backbone. Using a combination of industry standard codecs, a
proprietary codec of their own creation, and automated quality
measurement tools, Mattes claims quality indistinguishable from the

In other words, they’ve been building out considerable capacity and capabilty for a while and this deal gives them the large scale, name brand partner to take growth to the next level, and improve the revenue streams.