Quote of the Day

“Two months ago, I was doing what I had to do. Now I’m doing what I want
to do. And looking back, it was a change I’d always wanted to make, but
as long as I was drawing a steady paycheck, I didn’t see it as a change
that I could afford to make-for me or for my family. Looking long term,
I’m not sure it was a decision I could afford not to make.
Getting laid off forced me to make the change that I’d always wanted
to make anyways. And it may work out or it may not. But the point is
that I’ve made that change now. I’m doing what I’m passionate about.”

–Fellow ex-Yahoo! Ryan Kuder, who’s started blogging, started a company and is seeing the brave new world, post Yahoo!.

Susan sez: It’s hard to let go of complacency and choose risk, but well-thought out risk is one of the biggest adrenalin highs, and a place where both opportunity and productivity can flourish.