Thoughts on Web 2.0 and panel preso posted on Slide Share

So Web 2.0 is over, and now it’s on to the next thing. For me, I didn’t engage with Web 2.0 the way I meant to–it came right on the heels of coming back from Israel, there were lots of other business decisions about work and focus happening, some talk about moving (yep, I am heading for the East Bay later this summer), and whatever other time synchs distracted me,

Having said that, we had a kick ass panel on How to Create Successful Unconferences, BarCamps, & Meetups for Almost No $$, aka why not have an all women panel to help OReilly achieve the balance they so often (sadly) fail to achieve?

Topic was how unconferences, barcamps, and other
grass roots conference structures have become powerful tools to develop
community; virally market standards, tools, and ideas; and launch new
companies and networks.Focus of the discussionwas be how
conferences that are organized–or at least, begin, on an ad hoc basis
as unconferences and barcamps–can actually generate powerful momentum
in pushing forward standards, networks, and community. We went i to best practices, strategies for success, marketing tips, insider
knowledge, and tales from the trenches with the amazing panelists:

  • Tara Hunt,
    co-founder of BarCamp and lead organizer for BarCampBlock
  • Elisa
    Camahort, co-founder of Blogher and lead for its conference series:
  • Kaliya Hamlin, cofounder of She’s Geeky, an
    unconference for women who identify as geeks

Sides are on slideshare, go get em and see what you missed (though we were so much better than these slides.)