Travelling Geeks: Tel Aviv is tough, tonight

RANT: Here I am in a crappy little hotel, the sound of traffic going by outside never ending, the blue carpet a dingy brown in spots, trying to get the (stolen) wireless to work long enough so I can get a blog post up and complain. Yep, after 20 hours of travel the first night of my visit to Israel is turning into one of those “It can only get better after this experiences.”
The flight was long, but with tons of movies (Saw Juno and Enchanted). I slept..a little. But when I arrived at the hotel via cab, it turned out there was no room at the inn; or to, put it another way, they knew I was coming–but they thought I was arriving Saturday. And they were totally sold out. No room for me there–or a the first four hotels the staffer called. Which is how I made my way to this charming spot, voted #56 of all 56 Tel Aviv hotels listed in Trip Advisor.

However, Eran just called and told me about the trip he’s planned for us for tomorrow–and that sounds wonderful–we’ll drive to the desert, see the craters, Masada, the dead sea and stay somewhere rustic and wonderful that sounds like it has hot springs. Then we’ll do it all over again on Thursday–but end up in Jerusalem till Shabbat starts–and then back to Tel Aviv, but hopefully to a more decent hotel.

Here’s the magic, tho: I know once I get up in the morning and go out and walk along the beach and the water up to the Carmel Market and have fruit and etc for breakfast I am going to feel A LOT happier; the magic of the city and of being here will kick in and it will feel like the exploration I want it to be, and the discovery–I’m just not there yet.