Knight Foundation grants for Drupal development are now open

The nicely forward thinking Knight Foundation has teamed up with the Drupal community to create a rolling series of funding opportunities. Grant forms and info are live at; this is a great way to drive forward community platform development in the Drupal environment, IMHO.

From the website–What the goals are:
Drupal and the Knight Foundation agree that open source digital
publishing can enable powerful agents of transformation in their

Knight Foundation is working with the Drupal community on the Knight Drupal Initiative with the following goals in mind:

  • To enable more people to enter the digital conversation by lowering the technical barriers to entry.
  • To provide powerful tools for digital publication, free and open to all.
  • To encourage people to improve their communities by supporting the free exchange of information and ideas.

Knight Foundation believes that five basics define transformational projects:

  • Discovery of the facts.
  • The vision to see what’s possible.
  • The courage to push for change.
  • The know-how to get it done.
  • The tenacity that gets results.

I would love to see folks like Chris Pirillo and Chris Messina apply for grants!