Moderating panel at BlogHer: Come join us

I’m moderating a panel at BlogHer. in July on Who We Are: “Coming Out” via Blog
Here’s the descriptor:

“No, this doesn’t only apply to the most common
meaning of “coming out”, but rather to taking the brave step to reveal
and address something highly personal to your blog community. The risks
are real, but what about the rewards? Susan Mernit will moderate a discussion with some very brave bloggers. Stephanie Quilao
blogs about health and a positive body image. Making the decision to
blog a bulimia relapse risked losing a core audience who counted on her
to be a voice of body image reason. How did they react? JenB has been up front about both mental and physical health issues on her blog. Does she feel supported…or judged? Finally, Sarah Dopp did launch a new project about being gender queer.
At first she used a pseudonym, although she shared the site with people
she knew. Eventually she came out and associated her real name with the
site. Was there fallout? Or none at all. Find out how coming out via
blog turned out for these women, and share your own story.”

This is a chance to share stories about using blogs both to discover who you are and to share who you are with others–both through the blog and via the blog (as in real world sharing/owning/transparency).

BlogHer is one of my favorites conferences and I hope to see you there.It’s July 19-21st, pretty much, in San Francisco.

PS, If female (and male)  CEOS of start-ups and founders of early stage companies would like to do a BOF at BlogHer–let me know; I would be up for that in a major way!