Quote of the Day

“I can’t think of a company that I am more impressed with than Google,
but they are coming to grips with the fact that “startup energy” can’t
be faked. There’s nothing quite like going from five people to fifty or
a hundred.”

_VC Fred Wilson, issuing an open recruitment call to Google employees who want “something more entreprenurial.”

Susan sez: I like this because a) it’s probably a true observation, b) it is so amusing to see someone use the start-up story on their blog as a way to woo staffers away (who want to go, natch), c) I feel a small bubble of jealousy for the now well-fund companies Fred is doing this for–we’re way more early stage and I don’t have substantial real money yet to woo away Googlers, so I am both admiring and a little envious.

(And having said that, if you are kick ass FE and want to work with a very cool start up this summer, I am the woman to contact..we are early stage enough you can have a BIG impact.)