Realization” More reasons I’m turning to twitter & friendfeed as blog post filters


Lack of time.

The number of blogs in my well-organized feed reader is so huge I can’t get throughj them in any category, no matter how well-intended I feel. Looking at the list is just too exhausting.

It’s information ADD and the short stuff wins almost every time.

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    I too felt in some point that all those lifestream sites (twitter, pownce, friendfeed etc,.), are becoming my RSS reader that provided by my friends.
    Wrote about it in my post here:
    [Lately I realized that I’m not using my RSS Reader as much as before. Instead, I’m reading my friends’ activities & recommendations from sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pownce etc,..]
    BTW, you still have a ‘sign-in’ problem at your blog.
    I just remembered that I have an openID account, and used it,
    but normally readers at your blog, probably will not want to go all through registration just to make a comment…

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