So, what’s the gig?

I’ve spent part of the morning–and will spend some more time–updating my lifestream data to reflect what I’m up to right now. So Louis Gray asked, what am I up to?  So, here’s where my attention is going to be these days:

Co-founder, People’s Software Company
People’s Software Company is creating a new community platform that
will make it as easy to start a community site as it is to start a blog
today. Even better, our tools will make community sites lively and
sustainable even for small groups. It’s the magic of crowds — for
smaller crowds.

I’ll be writing about our start-up experiences here and on the soon to be launched PSCO blog, will share more about our products, roadmap, business model and what problems we’ve solving/what’s different as it moves from concepts to execution.

And of course, as a TechStars 2008 company, we’re getting a great incubator experience.

Evangelist, Knight News Challenge, 2008-09
The Knight News Challenge just awarded over $5.5 million dollars to  16 software development projects from across the globe that support online discourse, community dialogue and engagement, and news as an empowering information tool.

I was a reviewer in 2007-08, and I will work with the strong team at Knight to run the 2008-09 awards. Applications will open in September, and we want to have a broad diversity of great projects…more on plans to spread the word and support prospective applicants in the next few months,

BlogHer CE
I’ve been writing for BlogHer since the early days, and value a chance to be part of this community. Sometime, it’s a stretch, time-wise, but I want these connections to deepen and continue, so I keep fitting it in, somehow.

What’s off the list?
Consulting, advising, general trouble-making will have to be on hold for the foreseeable future. 
Those 22 working hours in every day just aren’t going to be enough, so this is going to be working smart, prioritizing, and GTD, all the way. And it will be tough, I know that–but I am excited about our plans and the value these projects can deliver to people.