Elephant fight: The New Collaboration versus the old Compete and Kill’em

Woke up this morning and read Duncan Riley’s right on the money post Blogging 2.0: It’s All About the User, and Louis Gray’s related and more personal Blogging 2.0 causing friction with 1.0 bloggers.

Duncan talks about attention shift, as I and others have, and then Louis picks up the meme and says: ” You can spot those living in Blogging 1.0 as they’re the ones railing about keeping all their comments on their blog, and they’re the ones saying that FriendFeed or Twitter have absolutely no value, and complaining about the noise.”

I found this amusing, because even as it has some truth, it also has that kill your foreforefathers meme that seems both way too old skool and quintessentially male. (As in the young bull elephant fighting the old one for the herd, and so on…)

Seems to be the new–and better way–to go forward–is to educate–and collaborate. That seems to be what has happened as careers blogger Penelope Trunk’s launched Brazen Careerist as a new network–she’ s teamed up with some 20-something folk, more recent grads, to build a site with far more reach and relevancy than either might have achieved solo.

When Louis says “Those bloggers who accept the changes will have a natural advantage over those who do not. The additional time it takes to engage on FriendFeed, Twitter and other social media sites will absolutely pay off in the end, even if it’s hard to understand for those who’ve always accepted things for what they are,” I agree with him. 

And yet, positioning a face off between 1.0 and 2.0 seems so yellow-journalism, drive page views, WWE to me (And I’d like to be hitting 3.0, anyway, myself.)
I like Penelope’s approach of inclusion, and appreciate how her network is based on bringing in the founders of Employee Evolution, a site dedicated to recent grads and their transition from school to work.
Seems to be that folks in our own little social software digital village could benefit from a similar approach, rather than emulate those elephants.

What do you think, folks?