Twitter and Open API, good post

I’m still waking up, but this is a great post by one Hank Williams, whydoeseveryhingsuck?:

“It is entirely possible that before Twitter makes its first penny, it
will become too important to exist in its current form, and the
community will feel it has to be replaced by an open source distributed
framework. This should strike fear into the hearts of anyone who
decides open their API. While the Open API strategy has clearly worked
in terms of adoption, it may have worked too well. In fact it may have
worked so well that Twitter may be killed before it has even really
made it out of the womb, by people that find it so important that they
can’t afford to really have it be a company.”

I don’t think this is going to happen to twitter, but like the concept of Open API perhaps not being enough as a big worrier for any developer.

Also think this is a good articulation of a higher-order problem.