Another data point that shows how much local–and community–matter

Jeremy Zawodny’s going to work at Craigslist!!!!!

Not LinkedIn,  not Facebook, not a little start-up, but the little local engine that could  and did go big time–Craigslist!

Jeremy writes: “

But this time it was different. Over the course of about three
seconds, something clicked in my little brain and I realized that
craigslist is a pretty unique combination of things: a small company
with a solid financial base, a great service that I use myself, a
focused groups of people who really care about doing things well, and
an open-source friendly environment.

I replied that I might be interested myself and things kind of took
on a life of their own from there. In the weeks that followed, I got
the chance to meet much of the team (including CEO Jim Bukmaster and Craig
himself). Each time I came away liking more and more about the team.
I’ve also been impressed at how well the company takes care of its
people and how thoughtful they are about making important decisions.”

I think this is awesome.