Another year of change ahead, wow–and whether to join the RC Club

So I am at the United RedCarpet Club in Chicago, waiting for a flight to Denver after lots of delays from TVC.. Got smart and used miles for a daypass, so am nibbling cheese and using free wifi for a couple hours.

My United miles, for the most part, are left over from the years I spent travelling cross country for AOL and as a consultant; during the time I spent at Yahoo, I travelled little (that was the idea).

However, I know I am going to be travelling regularly this year–both for Peoples Software and for the work I am doing for the Knight News Challenge. So–

  • Does anyone have an airport club they prefer?
  •  Day pass vs. membership for a moderate traveller?
  • Other thoughts on success at the road warrior thing circa 2008, layover version?

Thanks, lazyweb!