Exit velocity: Rumors, Weiner, Yahoo & AOL

Just saw Mike Arrington’s TechCrunch post that Jeff Weiner’s departure from Yahoo is a done deal and it accelerated a question I have been asking myself since this morning (for reasons that I can’t go into but make some sense):

  • When these companies started their downward spiral, did the talented employees peel out of AOL or Yahoo faster?
  • And what was the rate of departure of the albatrosses who hung on until the carcass was almost bone dry?
  • Which company kept those folks longer?
  • And what does this say about the current culture and health?

I left Yahoo just 5 months ago, but the rate of departure of people I know and worked with in the past 5 months seems way, way higher than it was when I left AOL. Even now, I still have friends hanging on in Dulles and NY, but at Big Purple, so few people I felt close to remain, and more and more seem to depart every week.

Seems to be that the moment you have a kid if a good inflection point to reconsider the flow of the whole of your life, so Jeff Weiner’s departure, if it is true, makes some sense, but then there is that question, so now, what will Yahoo do?

Curious, me.