Help promote the 2008-09 Knight News Challenge this summer/fall

Are you someone passionate about social media–and an online marketing and/or relationship management person? 
The Knight Foundation is looking for someone to help the team (which includes me and some very cool Knight staffers) manage and evangelize the upcoming series of grants, which start with new proposals (which means starting with promoting that we need and want proposals).

Here’s the job description:

For the 2009 round of the Knight News Challenge, the John S. and
James L. Knight Foundation is looking to contract with a highly
networked Web 2.0 marketing and account management freelancer to:

  • Manage programs designed to increase the visibility for the Knight News Challenge,
  • Traffic, coordinate, and measure deliverables for third party
    relationships that will help build on the established audiences
    (journalists and bloggers) and increase the number of high-quality
    applications from the following “growth area target groups”
  • Run email and blogging marketing and outreach campaigns
  • Assist in event planning for town halls and awards programs
  • Support community growth


  • 25 hours per week for $30 / hr
  • On monthly basis, from July 1 -September 30, 2008
  • Contract-basis only. This is not an employed position.


The ideal candidate will be able to:

  • Understand Web 2.0 and have relationships in the community to draw on
  • Take direction to organize stakeholders (Knight staff, grantees,
    KNC winners, etc) to carry out email campaigns promoting the KNC
  • Manage email campaigns, media partnerships and online marketing for the KNC.
  • Support engaging the Web 2.0 community in innovative ways, through meet-ups and other events and documenting results
  • Work with Knight Foundation’s Program Manager, Program Association and online community manager to deliver on goals
  • Manage data and analytics for marketing and PR campaigns and report on effectiveness.


The marketing goals for the 2009 Knight News Challenge:

  • Receive a higher percentage of Knight News Challenge applications from:
    • Young people (<26)
    • Non-traditional journalists
    • Non-students
    • Web 2.0 and social media developers and strategists, including those working with new platforms and mobile platforms
  • Generate 3,000+ high quality applications
  • Have at least 500 applicants from the “growth area target groups”


Please contact Marc Fest,
, with your resume and proposal.

About the Knight News Challenge

The Knight News Challenge (KNC) funds ideas that use digital media
to deliver news and information to geographically defined communities.
The 2007 Knight News Challenge attracted 1,600 applicants. The 2008
contest drew more than 3,000, with a significant increase in the
percentage of young and non-US participants. For more visit

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