Killing moths isn’t just a metaphor

So, let’s see. Woke up at 4:45 today, birds singing, dog snoring, temptation to head out into the cool Boulder dawn on  the walk path. Then I remembered all the things I was supposed to do tonight, and turned over and went back to bed.

6:30 awake. Reading email, drinking coffee. 7 am, finishing specs. 8-9 walk dog and hang out outside. 9-11, conference calls (very productive ones).  11:30, head down to TechStars, aka The Bunker.

1 PM Meeting with Mile Culver, Amazon Web Services preso. 4 PM call with prospective tech lead. 5PM Lost on UC campus, heading for Shelfari talk with Josh Hug.  Late. Call from prospective tech lead; uh, maybe not, not sure yet.

Okay. Back to the Bunker, 6:15 PM. Work some more.
9:30, head for home.
9:40, cleaning the kitchen and moving the owner’s schmutz into a closet (yea!), smacking the moths in the cereal in the closet.

10 pm, Diana Krall, wine, blogging before the last cool walk in the night with the dog
Need to remember that if the moths are in the kitchen, I can smack them. If they are in my head, need to coax them out.