• Yahoo: The circle game

    So with the departure of Caterina and Stewart from Yahoo, I don’t think much of anyone from the gang of pirates, as Caterina dubbed the ADD team back in 2005/6, is left. This is a large turn-over of the social media experts, not that anyone in the main product teams ever tapped any of their… Continue Reading

  • Quote of Day

    “We found that 63% of women in science, engineering and technology have experienced sexual harassment. That’s a really high figure. They talk about demeaning and condescending attitudes, lots of off-color jokes, sexual innuendo, arrogance; colleagues, particularly in the tech culture, who genuinely think women don’t have what it takes — who see them as genetically… Continue Reading

  • Yahoo: Who could replace Jerry Yang?

    Kara Swisher’s got a good piece on possible Yahoo! CEO replacements, with usual suspects Sue Deck, Meg Whitman, Dan Rosensweig trotted out. She also suggests Mac Andressen (interesting) and Mark Cuban (interesting as well.) Let me add a couple more prospects I think would be strong candidates:Michael Wolf , ex MTV president. Wolf is smart,… Continue Reading

  • Omiru named one of the 50 best web sites of 2008

    Who says small can’t be beautiful?  And powerful, for that matter?   My friend Trish’s lovechild, fashion site Omiru, was just named one of Time magazines 50 best web sites of 2008. “Omiru’s laser focus on practical fashion advice makes it a don’t-miss.” This totally rocks!

  • Quote of the Day

    “June seems like a pretty quiet month for me.  Selling my house, renting a place up in the city, moving up to the city, quitting Yahoo!, securing life insurance (apparently Yahoo! cuts you off the day you leave – heads up woulda been great) – oh yeah, and starting a new job as VP of… Continue Reading

  • Noted (and transitions)

    Jeremy Zawodny leaving Yahoo: Just saw that my friend Jeremy Z is leaving Yahoo for a compelling opportunity with another company; I am excited for him, and wish him all the best. San Jose Mercury News: Knight Foundation is awarding  aq set of organization in San Jose $1.5 million dollars to “help the community find… Continue Reading

  • Rejected from Facebook ads

    A friend of mine tried to place an ad to promote a FB app, and got the following rejection notice: *  The text of this ad contains excessive or incorrect capitalization. All ads must use appropriate, grammatically correct capitalization. The title of your ad, as well as the first word in each sentence, must begin… Continue Reading