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“We found that 63% of women in science, engineering and technology
have experienced sexual harassment. That’s a really high figure. They talk about demeaning and condescending attitudes, lots
of off-color jokes, sexual innuendo, arrogance; colleagues,
particularly in the tech culture, who genuinely think women don’t have
what it takes — who see them as genetically inferior.”

Athena factor researchers Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Carolyn Buck Luce and Lisa J. Servon , explaining the reasons women leave technology careers in their mid-30s and early 40s. This Computerworld article is part of the promotion around a HBS article on their research.

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  1. maymay says:

    That’s funny, since three out of the four technology companies that I’ve worked in, one of which was Apple and the other two of which were well-established web development agencies, I always had at least one woman as a boss. And they were the best ones, too….
    Not exactly what I’d call “inferior,” though I’d bet other men have different standards for what constitutes “superior.”

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