Yahoo: Who could replace Jerry Yang?

Kara Swisher’s got a good piece on possible Yahoo! CEO replacements, with usual suspects Sue Deck, Meg Whitman, Dan Rosensweig trotted out. She also suggests Mac Andressen (interesting) and Mark Cuban (interesting as well.)

Let me add a couple more prospects I think would be strong candidates:
Michael Wolf , ex MTV president. Wolf is smart, nice, focused and well connected. A New Yorker with Valley ties, he’d  bring good operating skills and a breath of fresh air.

Hilary Schneider, Yahoo EVP.  Hilary might be stretched to lead such a big business, but she has an ability to make decisions the other big Ys lack. As a former publishing person in a software world, she has a rounded point of view, and she’s ambitious, therefore p
resumably willing to stretch.

Jim Bankoff, former AOL guy. Jim’s been out of AOL for 2-3 years, and while he is young, he’s a good businessman, and a focused negotiator. He’s done the big company thing, but gets technology development. And he works hard.

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  1. maymay says:

    Marc Andreessen is indeed an interesting choice. What would happen to Ning, though? Would it then by Yahoo! 360ing? :)
    Sometimes I am shocked at how interwoven all the big players seem to be….
    P.S. Neat new blog.

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