• Noted

    TechCrunch: The super-talented Tish Whitcraft will head customer service at MySpace. Tish was our senior customer care exec at Yahoo! Personals, and she ran a great team. Smart hire. The Atlantic: The coming death shortage–“f an increasingly influential group of researchers is correct, the lurid spectacle of intergenerational warfare will become a typical social malady.”… Continue Reading

  • What I want from FriendFeed

    So I really like FriendFeed. Enough to keep using it, multiple times a day. One of my favorite features is the commenting thread where readers can share around a specific post; I find fresh conversations with a broader range of people sometimes taking place and I treasure the chance to step outside the social media… Continue Reading

  • #ramday and the #hashtag par-tey on twitter

    Did you know that #ramday means random about me day and that it’s the tag (#hashtag) for personal bits of data that wouldn’t usually come up in conversation to be the subject of a tweet? And if you want to see #ramday tags on twitter, you….Uh, you can’t. You need to go to search.twitter.com (aka… Continue Reading

  • RIP Randy Pausch

    Just saw that Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who made an amazing series of videos about the meaning of life as he faced a terminal illness, has died. He was amazing, RIP.

  • The Open Experiment: Locked posts removed.

    I’ve just taken the privacy permissions off my friendfeed and twitter accounts.That means you no longer need to be approved by me to follow these streams. Interested to see how this plays out.As of 10 pm Thursday, I have 517 followers on twitter and 1463 on friendfeed.Let’s see if that number goes up–and what percentage… Continue Reading

  • Thursday Noted

    Miss Aniela: Am I the only digital nomad on the planet who hasn’t really focused on this amazing phtographer? Natalie Dybisz’s  self-portraits and sense of mood are fascinating, and, of course, she blogs. Joe Lazarus: “Here’s a free business idea for a budding iPhone entrepreneur.  Develop a graphical iPhone App Builder that lets non-technical people… Continue Reading

  • Orli Yakuel: Celebrating women bloggers

    I’m always leary of everyone’s “Top” lists (tho of course I thrill to be included on them), but there’s a joy, range and sassiness in Orli’s latest list of 50 powerful women bloggers that makes me want to to share it,. (Okay, the list also makes me want to dance to it–she’s got 80s disco… Continue Reading

  • OMG, Chad is going to Etsy!!!!

    So my friend Chad Dickerson is going off to Etsy as their CTO. This is amazing news, both because I am a total Etsy fan (enamored of both the business and the team), and because I am a Chad fan as well. During our time at Yahoo! and beyond, Chad has been a friend and… Continue Reading