BlogHer 08-Friday July 18th–come join me and find out about ways to get your tech projects funded via grants and tech incubators

At the upcoming BlogHer conference at the The Westin to Francis Hotel there will be a bird of a feather session on Friday July 18th at 2:30 PM (till 3:10)  focus on funding and incubation opportunities for women
,  I’ll be facilitating this, so come and take part, please if you’re looking for funding, have an idea for a business, or want to grow a business you have.

We’re going to talk about opportunities women entrepreneurs have for getting both
coaching and assistance when seeking funding, and getting funding
itself–Kristien Taylor, the community manager for the Knight News Challenge (which will give away approximately $5MM in 2008-09,application process starting this summer) will attend, and we will also talk about TechStars and other incubators–

Come to find out more, or to share advice and experiences with fellow BlogHers!

(Note:As someone involved with both the Knight News Challenge and with TechStars,(where Lisa Williams, Catherine Taylor and myself–three women who met up and got close via BlogHer–are launching a company call People’s Software) are spending the summer working away–I’ve have first hand experience with both this programs and want to share what I’ve learned about these relatively new types of opportunities–as well as give others a chance to ask.)