Quote of the Day

“Women who are speaking, who are consumers who talk, sort of like
journalists, sort of like authors; we are conscious, individually and,
more and more, collectively, of our power to speak and be seen in the
world of public discourse. We have jobs and we’re in public, we’re out
of the domestic sphere, but our thoughts, the way we’re framed in
public conversations, in the media, isn’t yet all the way out of the
domestic sphere. My point is that we are no longer containable by old
style media. We aren’t an elite of “influencers” to be courted and
co-opted. We’re journalists who write about who we are, not what we’re
told to write, like a million mommy-blogging Hunter S. Thompsons
writing The Curse of Lono instead of their assigned sports article.”

–Liz Henry, blogging about women online, post blogher.