Thursday Noted

  • Miss Aniela: Am I the only digital nomad on the planet who hasn’t really focused on this amazing phtographer? Natalie Dybisz’s  self-portraits and sense of mood are fascinating, and, of course, she blogs.
  • Joe Lazarus: “Here’s a free business idea for a budding iPhone entrepreneur.  Develop
    a graphical iPhone App Builder that lets non-technical people like me
    make simple iPhone apps through a drag & drop interface.”
  • PB Wiki TwitPacks: Need more people to follow? Check out–and add yourself–to the self-organizing lists here.
  • Blogcosm: Who spoke at BlogHer 08?
  • Brad Feld: The power–and value–of social gaming (and Zynga’s $$ round)

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  1. Joe Lazarus says:

    Thanks for the link Susan. Sounds like things are going great for you at Techstars. Looking forward to checking out the beta when it’s ready to go.

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