I am live on BitchBuzz..and yes, bitching, kinda (which is better than singing Kumbaya, right?)

BitchBuzz, Cate’s super cool new web mag is live, filled with smart talk from edgy women. My contribution is a piece about feminism and Valley culture and some of the disconnects I’d like to see people find ways to bridge, More here,

And a little snippet, below:
“I mean, on a certain level, WTF? Okay, so taking your shirt off at a
conference falls into the category of extreme marketing (even if Pete Cashmore does it), but how does that fit with wearing stilettos and a slinky top to a business event? Or getting your picture taken?”

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  1. mary hodder says:

    I want to comment on the story at the story, so that people who read it will see it there.
    I could do this on my blog but it would be the same problem.
    I’ve asked the woman at bitchbuzz to just let me write an article to address the issues, because there are so many issues to address. I think it’s best to keep things like this all on the same page/site.

  2. Susan Mernit says:

    Mary, I opened up comments completely and got total spam every day; sorry this middle ground is problematic.

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