Lisa is cooking

So my Peoples Software co-founder Lisa Williams drove back from Boulder to Boston. It took 4 days and it was l–o-o-o-n-n -n-gggg. Lisa’s home now, tho, and she did a post about Family Dinner, a weekly supper she used to make back in the day (when I also posted my family dinners).
Couple of things:
a) Lisa, glad you made it home
b) Loved seeing Family dinner again
c) You cooked!! Back in Boulder, we rarely cooked after week 2, just like we rarely hiked, biked, or went to the movies after a while (start-up mania, folks).

I of course am crashing at my friend’s house, and since she is a chef, I get to eat what she cooks, which tonight was leftover rare roastbeef with aoli mayo and watercress on pugliese bread (these leftovers are not hard to take.)