• Newspapers bridge the Gap with Yahoo! via Newspaper Consortium leader, Michael Silver

    Picked up news from Scott Anderson’s blog about Michael Silver being named lead to work with the Newspaper Consortium and Yahoo to “develop new opportunities for the Consortium across the digital media landscape, as well as to grow the Consortium’s existing relationship with Yahoo! across content and advertising.”  Translating from the corporatespeak, I’d read to… Continue Reading

  • Slow Food Nation: More Advice sought

    So I just tuned into the website for the very ambitious and totally overwhelming Slow Food Nation coming to San Francisco August 29-Sept 1st.Wow.I definitely want to participate in this–but in what parts?  The whole thing seems miraculous, but overwhelming.Anyone have any suggestions or strategies on what looks more interesting?  (I guess participating in any… Continue Reading

  • Susan’s travels West : advice sought

    So, I’ll be heading back to California  from Boulder, CO later in August once TechStars is done.  I’ve got the dog, and I’m expecting to drive solo. So, questions for everyone who is so inclined: A logical trip West is to go Route 80 and stop in Salt Lake City, Reno and then roll into… Continue Reading

  • SXSW: Vote for the troublemakers

    Allyson Kapin of Women Who Tech and Rad Campaign’s pulled together a proposed SXSW panel that brings myself, Connie Reece, Lynne Johnson and Charlene Li to talk about Breaking through the Glass Ceiling. Since this is SXSW, everyone gets to vote (and you have to sign up to do this, see the comments etc,)  I’ve… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “But we are shifting, too, from a culture of scarcity to one of abundance. That is the essence of the Google worldview: managing abundance. So let’s assume that instead of a scarcity there is an abundance of talent and a limitless will to create but it has been tamped down by an educational system that… Continue Reading

  • The Knight News Challenge Garage is open–check it out

    I’ve been working with the wonderful Knight News Challenge team–Kristen Taylor, Jose Zamora, Heidi Miller, Robertson Adams, Marc Fest and others (under the apt leadership of the innovative Gary Kebbel) to help improve the range, quality and diversity of this year’s applicants for the 2008-09 News Challenge (which will give away roughly $5MM to support… Continue Reading

  • The Web Developer and His Wife: A Fable

    Phillip Lenssen has outdone himself with this adorable little tale of the mom and pop shop whose golden goose is an SEO consultant. The opener…“There was once a mom and pop kind of web shop selling auction products, making money through the affiliate commissions. She (the wife) would do the design and customer contacts, and… Continue Reading

  • Sex & Culture round up day on SMB

    Rachel Kramer Bussel has an excellent piece live in the Huffington Post about Carla Bruni, her reported number of sexual partners and whether counting out loud makes you a big slut (she says in our culture, it does). Worth a read and thought provoking. There are also a number of posts about my old East… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “…Don’t get me wrong, the gender ratio is a hell of a lot better now than it was when I took my first tech-related job back in the early 90s, but to say that things are balanced … well … it’s just not true.  My dear friend Christine Herron, an accomplished business woman turned VC,… Continue Reading