SXSW: Vote for the troublemakers

Allyson Kapin of Women Who Tech and Rad Campaign’s pulled together a proposed SXSW panel that brings myself, Connie Reece, Lynne Johnson and Charlene Li to talk about Breaking through the Glass Ceiling.

Since this is SXSW, everyone gets to vote (and you have to sign up to do this, see the comments etc,)  I’ve never gone to SXSW, think it would be fun and want the panel to be both interesting and instructive.

Here’s the precis:

“Are you a woman
(or a man) who loves to tech out but is tired of sexism, ageism, and
the lack of diversity? Women in tech and social media experts identify
strategies for breaking through the digital ceiling. The panel will
discuss topics such as getting heard by upper management, how to
effectively advocate for your work and expertise, what men can do to
help promote women in technology as well as how to break through the
barriers of being too young or too old in the tech sector.”

So, again, if you feel impelled to sign in and vote, we will not be sorry.