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So, I am 9/10ths unpacked at the Berkeley house. This is the third place I haved lived since May, if you count my old apartment, the Boulder sublet and now this. What strikes me, with some surprise, is how easy it seems to move around–I’ve got my computer, my back up hard drive, my pictures of friends and family, music, and some other stuff that all fits right into the car (especially if the 110 lb dog isn’t in it.)

I want to end up in a more long-term place before the end of the year, but there is something amazing about living in someone else’s house (as long as they have decent wireless) and making it your own. For years, I’ve liked so many people who live in the East Bay, but felt too far away to see them, so this is exciting on that level.  I’ve also wished I could enjoy more of the music, activities, etc in this area, so if I can have time, I can do that. And finally, there’s that famous Gourmet Ghetto, with the Berkeley Bowl, Monterrey Market and so on.

Tomorrow I head down to the Valley to see a friend and then pick up my dog. We’re housesitting for another dog, Midge, who is smaller than a cat. I’ll share some pictures of the big dog and the little one together.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Welcome to the East Bay! Give me a holler for coffee, wine, dinner, doggy meet-up…

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