Geeks for Peaks, or Boulder Notes: Have funding, will recruit

Want to grow the intellectual capital and the revenue in a college town like Boulder, CO? Put some tech companies in, add TechStars and the 10+ companies who come in every summer (half or more of whom stay in town) and then celebrate the start-up culture plus vegan mountain biking goodness that is Boulder.

Oh wait a minute, you don’t have ernough tech talent for those companies? Why not fix that, too?

In that spirit, many of Boulder’s start-ups and early stage companies are banding together to host what feels like the opposite of Start-Up Weekend–a week long recruiting fair thst brings uber geeks to the peaks so these companies can have more bodies to program their stuff.

According to the just lanched Boulder Colorado Job fair, twenty of the local start-ups will fly in 100 lucky developers, all expenses paid, and then recruit them for local gigs. (Hope this works better than guys in Alaska importing brides back in the day.)  Even better, some of the Boulder start-up cool kids will answer questions and be ambassadors.

So like if you need to know where to LARP, or why CU doesn’t graduate enough CS students will skills to satisfy the Boulder mini-boomlet, these folks are the ones to ask.

Susan sez: Please don’t ask me if I want to live in Boulder. I am in love with North Berkeley right now and s/he is very possessive.