The power of twitter, whuffie, and social media tools (aka an ask for a trip)

So tomorrow I fly to NYC, a place I have been far too little in the past 18 months. And I have some people to see, and a Knight News Challenge meet up to run (find out how to apply to win $5MM for community projects), but I still have tons of work to do. And I need office space with net access, better than Starbucks.

When I go to Palo Alto, I can ask Keith Teare or Ross Mayfield and get great help; but where to hang in NYC is another story–so I asked the twitterverse for help in finding desk space throughout the week.

And do you know what? I got it. Through a series of tweets that were like a game of telephone, people I don’t know and others who know me set up a chain that led to a series of DMs, email and messages, all with possible offers I will chase down in the next day.

Thanks Patty, Deanna, Joseph, Persephone and everyone else….another proof point for digital community and the wisdom of crowds.

(and if you have a space I should know about or might use–especially above 14th street..LMK)