Arse talk up: Sex, blogging, transparency, oversharing

So,  I spent a chunk of the weekend at Arse Electronika, the conference on erotica, sex, fturism, technology and enjoyed the mix of people (geeks, sex nerds, academics, techies and the diversity (peversity?) of the talks. It was also great fun to be at a conference that didn’t have to have 800 people to be interesting or successful; this little band of 30-50 keep themselves enthralled.

One of my favorites talks was by Aaron Muszalski aka sfslim, who did a great preso on “sex toys of the future” ranging from bioluminescent lube(likely) to robot/human pets (unllikely). Aaron can talk for days, and after his talk, a gaggle of people went and talked more with him..I went off to lunch and came back and they were still talking. (And then he went off and did this Folsom tea party thing, which is another story…)

Our talk on Oversharing, blogging, transparency went well, and we’ve just posted it to slideshare. MP3 of the talk is here.

Fulls links to all the MP3s, are up as well. Bonnie Ruberg (who writes the Click Me column for the Village Voiceand the Clickable Clit column for SF Weekly) had the stamina to Twitter the entire event. Notes & quotes for our talk over at Blogher:

The Arse Elektronika 2008 Flickr pool is here.

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