Nick Denton hacks jobs at Gawker Media; friends laid off

So Melissa and Jackson are among the people who lost their jobs at Gawker Media  this week–damn!

There s dignity in getting laid off in a recession, but it doesn’t make losing your job in the last quarter of the year–the classic layoff time everywhere–any easier to bear. Hopefully, some other sites that are expanding will pick up these super-talented writers, or start up bears will descend with cash and fund the latest bit of boffery or whatever.

Meanwhile, stories about the cuts are circulating, Owen has penned a homage of sorts to Mr. West, and  a big vanilla milkshake of a farewell to Melissa. Now, that’s classy(as is the quick pick up of lots more work Owen and Paul Boutin seem to have done so smoothly.)

Where’s the rest of the wreckage? Denton says he wants to support the big winners and invest in those poised for success–Jezebel, io9, Deadspin
and Jalopnik as the newbies and Gizmodo, Kotaku,
Lifehacker and Gawker as the cash cows. That means FleshBot, Valleywag and Consumerist get the cuts.

Clearly, everyone is scared and no one knows how bad the ad market is going to get. BizWeek’s response to the news was  the following: ” If this is happening at a Web-only company with low costs (ask any past
or former Gawker Media employee about their pay, but first prepare
yourself for an earful) and impressive traffic, one has to wonder: what
shoes are about to drop on, well, just about any- and everything else?”

Susan sez: It’s cleat if advertising is doubling down, known quantities and narrowly targeted demographics will be sweet spots, but I wonder if advertisers will run right past Gawker and into the arms of BlogHer, Hearst and other women-focused networks for their CPG and product launch needs?

Update: Just caught that Jonno got the slip at Fleshbot and the lovely Lux of Boinkology will take over. Hmmmnnnnnnnn.