Quote of the Day

Not too many woman play
football. Very few men do much knitting. Do we need outreach and
mentoring to change make sure that all groups are a mirror of the
world’s demographic makeup?

and men are different, and perhaps the reason that software startups
male-dominated speaks to that difference rather than a social
issue. In other words, perhaps our society is that way because of how
we are rather than how we are being driven by our so

–Hacker News contributor and ycombinator alum Tony Wright, posting on a comments thread around a group of women (myself included) offering to mentor women who wished to apply to this cycle for YCombinator. 

Susan sez: The comments thread is more than 90 posts long, mostly by what sound like men who just don’t get why anyone might need or want peer support–after all, they’re doing just fine, so what’s the big deal?  I don’t want to pick on this one guy, but the general tenor of “hey, men are just better at this stuff, naturally” is ROFL funny–until I remember these are my well-meaning peers, the ones who don’t see themselves as discriminatory.

(And yes, I know there are women who make untrue assumptions about men as a group, too.)