Art of the Deal: Kick Ass Post on being an entrepreneur

Patricia Handschiegel wrote a great post today about the emotional states entrepreneurs cycle through. Reading it, I saw myself working on People’s Software, and feel some of the same feelings working on the new thing we’re readying for 2009.

Patricia’s identifies the following problem feelings as cycles entrepreneurs go through:

1. Feeling overwhelmed–that’s obvious, right?
2. Shockeds & surprised–who knew X ?
3. The big decision–once you make it, that’s it, whatever it is.
4. Mourning: Sad when startup takes over most of your life.
5. Tired: Anyone not get this one?
6. Hatching–launch or sale, it’s the rocket ship ride.

Patricia’s list is much more detailed, and both useful AND funny–check it out here.
(And did I mention how kick ass Patricia is? A real inspiration.)