Change: Civic, Personal, Blog, Business

As the whole planet knows, Barak Obama is our new President; now we have to make happen everything that needs to be improved, re-thought, fixed and addressed. Big changes.

Today is also my moving day, after 5+ months of being a nomad in Boulder, the North and East Bay. The truck will come in a few hours and unload all the pieces of my life. (Yippee!!
 No longer a resident of Silicon Valley, now of the East Bay, Oaktown, to be precise.

This is my first step into urban life since leaving Brooklyn 10 years ago. We have a big yard, and a small house, but there are locks on everything; very different than the never locking your door vibe of Boulder this summer, and the privileged suburbia of Palo Alto.

The Internet access isn’t in yet, I’ll be running back and forth between the new place and the sublet, but by the weekend, I should be there (and wired), I hope.

There are other changes I want to share as well. This blog will continue, but with my growing interest in supportig other women leaders, would-be leaders and entrepreneurs, I am going to start writing more about the tech industry–including this week’s Web 2.0 conference–from a womsn entprepreneur’s perspective–and I am going to focus a certain amount of posting on women in business. Postings on social media etc will continue as well. 

Also, I am going to write more about my neighborhood, about social justice and sustainability as practiced in Oakland and my world. I am learning about this, so I will share as I go.

Finally, we’ve decided to take People’s Software in another direction that what we created at TechStars this summer.  As promising as we know WhozAround? is, we have another idea we not only think is more unique, but well-suited to our strengths–ie, if we have to work so hard to start something, this more recent idea is the one. So, we’re freezing WhozAround? and working on the new thing, which we want to release in January 09.

More to come on al this, and congratulations to us all for a chance to embrace hope, and positive social change.