Friday: Notes from Web 2.0 Summit

Lunch: Ever notice how at conferences, you end up meeting exactly the right people you didn’t know, often by complete accident?  That truth led me to a table at Web 2.0 Friday lunch where I connected with no one. Might as well have been invisible. The man on my right, who was from Florida, had no interest in chatting; the fellow on my left was busy pitching a younger, very pretty woman on his consulting skills, and she couldn’t even get a word in edge-wise.  Two folks across the circle, including the person whose intelligent face drew me there, didn’t cast even a nod or a glance my way; for whatever reason, they had eyes only for one another.

Final outcome? Drank my (decaf) coffee, grabbed my bag and headed out…only to see a table of friends and to go hang with them.

Audience: Last night at the House of Shields post-conference drink-up, a twitter friend I was boozing with said the Web 2.0 conference crowd was a lot more privileged white guys than she was used to seeing. Words that made it through the din sounded like “No people of color,” “everyone from the same social class,” “doesn’t feel like the variety’s there.” Her conclusion: This is a nice conference, but feels like many people are kinda the same.

Susan sez: Do I agree with that? No, not completely, there is diversity here, but I think this particularly conference is very much about the economics of technology innovation–with a healthy dose of companies–and  CEOs–to admire.

Connections: The time I’ve spent here, seems well worth it. The talks are okay, but the hallway encounters with fellow conference-goers are priceless (as Lookery CEO and MyBloglog flipper Scott Rafer demoed yesterday, when he spent the day lounging in the hall, holding meetings for free.) What this conference doesn’t seem to have, which is less true at BlogHer, WeMedia and other smaller conferences, is a good way for attendees to connect. Although I have made plans to meet up with a number of people, I’ve also eyeballed a number of people–including some clearly entrepreneurial woman–and haven’t found a natural way to talk to them; outside of the breaks and meals the formula here is not too interactive.