Noted: Does Turkey=Layoffs?

Layoffs are happening because our economy is big time tanking. That would be true no matter what season we were in. But combining our recession and the havoc is it wreaking with the traditional big company reductions on force in Q4 gives an undertone to the holidays that just makes me go ugh (not that I work for a bigco anymore). There’s nothing more evil that the combination of holiday festivities, with their slam dunks on your wallet, and knowing your regularly paycheck has just gone–or is going–away.

With that lovely thought on your Monday, news that Google is laying off, palm chopped their staff, and techcrunch is tracking every single programmer, marketeer and product stunt double laid off in the Valley should either make you feel great that things can’t get any worse for you (you have a job or already lost it),or once again emphasize the fact that in your about to be axed pain you are not alone.

And oh yeah, the NYTimes wrote a story about SixAparts’ plan to rehab–I mean give free accounts and support to–laid off journalists, a high tech version of selling pencils I hope is much more successful–and that certainly has resulted in great PR for SixApart (congrats, Anil,it is a lovely idea).