• Noted: Does Turkey=Layoffs?

    Layoffs are happening because our economy is big time tanking. That would be true no matter what season we were in. But combining our recession and the havoc is it wreaking with the traditional big company reductions on force in Q4 gives an undertone to the holidays that just makes me go ugh (not that… Continue Reading

  • Recap: Heading back to writing, part 1

    So I just updated the writing tab on this site.  I’ve always been a writer–professionally, in the early days–and then as an avocation, on the side, but my desire to do more writing–alot more writing–is increasing(more on that in next post) . Currently I blog regularly at Susan Mernit’s Blog and am a contributing editing… Continue Reading

  • Art of the Deal: Kick Ass Post on being an entrepreneur

    Patricia Handschiegel wrote a great post today about the emotional states entrepreneurs cycle through. Reading it, I saw myself working on People’s Software, and feel some of the same feelings working on the new thing we’re readying for 2009. Patricia’s identifies the following problem feelings as cycles entrepreneurs go through: 1. Feeling overwhelmed–that’s obvious, right?2.… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Can you imagine the impact of Yahoo Personals on the dating scene between the Taliban and the Pashtun? It’s like Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending.” –a playful Sylvia Paull, writing on her blog

  • Poetry moment: Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

    A friend just sent me this: Wild Geeseby Mary Oliver You do not have to be good.You do not have to walk on your kneesfor a hundred miles through the desert repenting.You only have to let the soft animal of your bodylove what it loves.Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.Meanwhile… Continue Reading

  • I Haz Access

    Moved in 12 days ago and discovered the house had no phone or cable jacks (so much for renovation). That meant almost 2 weeks of cafes, working in borrowed office space (thanks, techsoup!) and typing on the little tiny keyboard on my phone/PDA. How do you think it feels now that ATT has come and… Continue Reading

  • Win media training for progressive women’s voices in NYC

    This just in from the Women’s Media Center in NYC–the WMC’s 2009 Progressive Women’s Voices program is accepting applications with a December 15th deadline. Here’s what the call to action says: The Progressive Women’s Voices program has become a cornerstone of The Women’s Media Center. We are “changing the conversation” by making sure that there… Continue Reading

  • Off the Bus morphs in to HuffPo blogging army

    Jay Rosen and Ariana Huffington have a great post up, congratulating the 12, 000+ people who worked on Off the Bus, the HuffPo/NewAssignment.net participatory journalism elections project.  Big news: it worked. Next news: HuffPo is inviting all the participants who want to continue to write for HuffPo to post their data here (at survey monkey)… Continue Reading