• Quote of the Day

    “despite the external environment we face, the fact remains that yahoo! is now a significantly different company that is stronger in many ways than it was just 18 months ago. this only makes it all the more essential that we manage this opportunity to leverage the progress up to this point as effectively as possible.… Continue Reading

  • Is Diet Coke Poison?

    So, over the summer at TechStars, my Diet Coke addiction grew. My 1 can a day went to 3 or more, and since I’ve been back, I’ve definitely been swilling 2+ cans a day. And I don’t need anyone else to tell me this is bad. It is bad. So, as of right now, I… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “From conglomerates to internet ventures, executives should be planning now on a decline of up to 40% in advertising spending during this cycle. Instead they’re sleepwalking into economic extinction–even those lean online ventures which were supposed to take up the mantle and preserve New York’s position as a media capital.” –The ever-direct Nick Denton of… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “…now we have the delicious irony that a white president from a patrician family, whose administration was so negligent about America’s poor and black citizens, was so incompetent that he helped elect the first black president.” –NYTimes op-ed columnist (and personal favorite) Maureen Dowd, writing about Obama’s election and racial identity,

  • Spot.us launches; nice to have NYTimes cover your beta

    David Cohn’s Knight News  Challenge-funded project, Spot.us, which I have been a bit of an advisot to launches today–and is the subject of a NYTimes story. Spot Us,  is the Craigs’ List/marketplace approach to bews, allowed reports to propose coverage and seek funding, and funders to advertise journalistic topics or stories they want to fund.… Continue Reading