Question of the Day: Who do you want to hear speak in Silicon Valley?

So, if you were coming to Silicon Valley and you could meet any luminary (Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Gina Bianchi, Eric Schmidt, Meg Whitman, and so on…) and hear them speak/give a talk– who would you like to meet?

Working on project and would love to get crowd’s view…post in comments, please

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  1. William Grosso says:

    Those are all the usual (semi-corporate) crowd, and just not terribly interesting to me. I’d do the focused-question thing, pick a huge technology trend, and then find people who matter and ask “where’s it going”
    For example, for semantics on the web. 5 people to have lunch with (1 per day on the imaginary trip):
    Brewster Kahle
    Danny Hillis
    Tantek Celik
    Ari Balogh
    Udi Manber
    Not what you asked, but what I felt like answering :-)

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