Recap: Heading back to writing, part 1

So I just updated the writing tab on this site.  I’ve always been a writer–professionally, in the early days–and
then as an avocation, on the side, but my desire to do more writing–alot more writing–is increasing(more on that in next post)

. Currently I blog regularly at Susan Mernit’s Blog and am a contributing editing with weekly posts for BlogHer on Sex and Relationships. Decided to do a recap/cheat sheet of favorite and popular pieces I’ve written including the following:

  • SMB: Losing Jerry Yang: Why CEO’s departure reflects how Yahoo! has been broken
  • SMB: What I want from Friend Feed
  • SMB: 5 months on Facebook: Observations of Value
  • SMB: The Battle over Bundling: Ten Top Sources and more (aka RSS & copyright)

 BlogHer favorites

I am also proud of this talk
on blogging, sexual identity and privacy Viviane and I did at Arse
Electronika: Avoiding the Emily Gould Effect: Blogging, transparency
& oversharing and of this essay on what it feels like to write poetry again after a long absence.