launches; nice to have NYTimes cover your beta

David Cohn’s Knight News  Challenge-funded project,, which I have been a bit of an advisot to launches today–and is the subject of a NYTimes story.

Spot Us,  is the Craigs’ List/marketplace approach to bews, allowed reports to propose coverage and seek funding, and funders to advertise journalistic topics or stories they want to fund. The focus is  reporting in the San Francisco Bay Area–the public puts up the money for the work.

Dave is one of the most energetic and bright people I know, with wonderful energy AND approachability–this is exciting to see move ahead.

Great quote from Dave: ” “Spot Us
would give a new sense of editorial power to the public,”I’m not Bill and Melinda Gates, but I can give $10. This is the Obama model. This is the Howard Dean model.”