Abused and charged with murder: 8-year-old boy shoots & kills father and family friend after 1,000th spanking

If you are 8 years old and you have received 1,000 spankings since you were old enough to start counting them, what does that mean?

It could mean you’d been recording them for 3 years, since you
learned to write in kindergarten, or that you’d been recording them for
a year, since you were seven and learned how to carry forth numbers in
addition. If you’d been recording them since you were five, that would
mean you’d been spanked almost once a day for the past 3 years, with 95
days off from getting your butt hit. If you’d started keeping track of
the spankings when you were seven, which mean you were being hit more
than 3 times a day for the past year.

Think about it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, spanking. Every day for
three years. Or, breakfast, spanking, dinner, spanking, before bed,
spanking–spankings happening more frequently to this child per day
than many people spent walking their dog.

Can you imagine living your life knowing that every day, at some
point–perhaps more than once–a beating was going to happen? And that
your father, responsible for mentoring you and your upbringing, was
going to be the one to lay it on? Flat of the hand, paddle, belt,
kitchen implement–did it matter after a while what your Dad hit you

Or was it just the consistent searing drip of the days, held
together by having your pants pulled down and your butt beaten–not
only by your Dad, but by his friend, a man who rented a room in their

How bad could any child be–any person–that someone could justify beating him, day after day?

If this isn’t child abuse, I don’t know what is.

If you think I’d strongly consider handing this eight year old the
shotgun he is accused of picking up and using to fire two rounds each
into Dad and his pal, you’re reading me right.

And when I realized that this child–who doesn’t live with his Dad full time–managed to score all these beatings from a monster who had only partial custody, I’d consider shooting this abuser myself.

For me, reading the news reports about this story underscores how
powerless children are and how powerful the family is. In every account
reported on this tragedy, the child’s grandma is reported
to have said, on hearing the news, “‘I knew this would happen. They
were too hard on (the boy). I knew (he) did it. He spent the night in
my bed cuddling up to me. I had a feeling he did it. If any eight year
old boy is capable of doing this, it’s (him).

Which do you think would be more likely to cause Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?
Being an 8 year old who is spanked daily or multiple times a day by
your father and stepmother and their friend, or doing a tour of duty in
the Middle East as an adult?

I’d argue that the child–who was abused and no one did a thing about it–could be more screwed up than any vet suffering from PTSS–after
all, if the kid’s perception was that people who loved him wanted to
beat the living crap out of him–in this case, it would be true.

When this case comes to trial, I have no doubt we are going to find
out this child was a scapegoat for a sexual sadist or some other kind
of pedophile sicko who found excuses to inflict pain on his son under
the guise of discipline. And if that is true, this evil dad raised a
son who killed out of self-defense.

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  1. The Real Mr Science says:

    And did you see that the d— prosecutor wanted to dismiss the charges against the kid, knowing that since there is no statute of limitations on murder, he can bring the charges again when the kid turns 15 and then there is no discretion about whether he can be tried as an adult. The kid would be tried as an adult and could be executed for a crime (if even if you assume he committed a crime, which seems far fetched) he committed as an 8 year old! Is that American justice? At least the kid’s defense lawyer has refused to agree to that.

  2. Sharon says:

    It seems the salient question is, did the police test for residue and if so, and what were the results? If the boy was not tested for residue, then why not? Until we know the answers to these questions, any discussion of the matter is a complete waste of everyone’s time.

  3. Dusti Sparks-Myers says:

    I absolutely agree with you. I have written several times about this very sad case that is nothing more than a blight on our system of justice. There is no way justice would ever be served waiting to charge an 8 year old – even if he’s 15. That is 7 years from now. Tell me how he will even remember what happened or if he does remember anything, that it will be what has been drilled into him during the preceding 7 years. Of course there is no statute of limitation against murder – especially if the person who committed the crime isn’t found right away. They have this child already hung out to dry regardless of what they say to the public. 1000 beatings = almost 3 years of this boy’s literal lifetime.
    As I wrote:
    “In the case of the 8-year-old boy charged with two counts of premeditated murder in St. Johns, Arizona, the prosecutor has filed a motion to drop one of the two murder charges. The reason is so that in 10 years and once the 8-year-old child has reached adulthood, he can be recharged with that crime as an adult. If an 8 year old child is unable to form mens rea, is not competent to understand the charges against him, or be able to comprehend how those charges will affect his life in the present moment, can a prosecutor say “That’s ok, we will wait to charge him after he has reached the age of 18 years and when he is then considered to be an adult.” There is something inherently wrong with this concept.”
    I still want to know about his original story and the vehicle that was driving away. I want to know why this child was questioned without an adult or parent present. What other investigation was done on any other suspect.
    What IS suspect is the payoff that this prosecutor hopes to get.

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