Google didn’t buy the New York Times in 2006, will they now?

Just found a post on this blog from 2006 entitled Paradigm Shift: What Google didn’t buy,  It reads:
” started the day reading about how TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington felt attacked by the journalists at the Online News Association conference, and ended it hearing that Google had indeed bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in do no evil stock.

That news got me thinking about what Google mighta coulda bought with their money and didn’t, and I got to asking myself where the paradigm shift was in that.

For instance, with that kind of dough, Google could have bought the New York Times Company. I remember talking with Timesman Martin Nisenholtz about how the NYTimes was one of the biggest consumers/placements for Google AdWords, right behind the big portals as they were still called then, Yahoo and AOL
(this must have been late 2004.) Nisenholz felt that the Times had to
find a way to roll up in size, and not soon after, they bought
Presumably, if Google was looking for a property that they could own to
place their own AdWords on, they could have considered buying The New
York Times. But no–they didn’t, did they–and the decision to spend
all this money on YouTube shows that the coffin nails of mainstream
media are already strewn across the open grave (Yes, I am feeling
poetic tonight, that kind of day).

Here we are in 2009l almost, and DealScape is wondering if Google will now buy the Times. I think it would be a really smart acquisition–but they might end up scrapping most of the print editions (!!!).