Guardian UK hat tips Memorandum and Gabe Rivera

If you were looking for proof us blase types in web 2.0 land get jaded with technology way too fast, the recent article in the Guardian UK by Jack Schofield about the joys of techmeme, memeorandum and the other time and link-based aggregators created by Gabe Rivera might be one of the documents to consider.

Schofield says “Memeorandum is
embarrassingly better than Google News,” but the overall product suite doesn’t cover enough topics. (Does this mean Techmeme is jumping–or has jumped–the shark?)

Contrast this with the astute nod to ycombinator’s Hacker News from VC Fred Wilson: “within the services that cater specifically to the tech audience I want
to reach and be part of (techmeme, hacker news, twitter, friendfeed),
there has been a noticeable move up by hacker news
( and twitter and a noticeable move down by

What do you all think?