Michele Obama just wrote me, aka things have changed….

Back in the day, two years ago, when I met Elizabeth Edwards ar BlogHer, I was blown away by the transparency and accessibilty she provided (never mind we found out the secrets her husband was keeping). 

I thought of that a few minutes ago when I opened up a personalized email sent to me by my friend First Lady Elect Michelle Obama, who wanted to wish me a happy holiday and remind me that I might donate to a foodbank to help those less fortunate, or send a care package to a soldier, all with hand dandy links.  Michelle also says “the grassroots movement you helped build can make a big difference for those in need” and invites me to contribute to cause that are meetingful to her family.”


So what happened to all the people who elected Bush two years in a row? Have they changed? Has running the country into the ground led them to embrace Obama’s inclusiveness and emotional intelligence?

Communicating with a White House that continues to use the tools for positiive social change and wide spread dialogue even as they ascend to power is going to be pretty interesting; I’d like to think that Michelle is not only broadcasting out with these shiny news tech tools, she is reading the comments and blog posts her comments trigger.

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  1. Meitar Moscovitz says:

    The Internet has finally become ubiquitous, necessary, and powerful enough that governments can no longer afford not to be transparent with their populace. The power that honesty and openness can provide is simply inescapable—and that is beautiful.
    If you don’t yet know about it, you need to take a look at http://TheyWorkForYou.com in the UK and http://OpenAustralia.org in Australia. I really want to see America get something like these two sites.

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